Elementor vs Divi by CollectiveRay

One is Good For You, One Isn't


Here, David Attard from CollectiveRay discusses the differences between Divi and Elementor.

The author clearly has been developing sites in WordPress for a long time, and has a lot of experience using both themes. They start off with a little bit of history about WordPress page builders, talking about Upfront from Wpmudev and how that came and went.

And then onto Elementor and Divi, and after a brief introduction:

They’re both very similar, but like I said before - pricing and slight differences in functionality make them perfect for different segments of the market.

The meat of the article is some longish sections comparing Ease of Use, Elements (the widgets that you'll be using to build the page), Styling, Templates, and Theme Building (which allows you to customise aspects of the theme outside of the main content area - the header or footer for example).

The Ease of Use section goes into a fair bit of detail about how to use each of the plugins, the general conclusion is that they're both pretty easy to use but have a slightly different focus:

When comparing Divi vs Elementor, we see that they have a different focus. The first focuses on simplicity and cleanliness, the latter on availability and accessibility.

And the conclusion regarding styling:

Both plugins offer an excellent set of styling tools and options that cater to everyone. Casuals and non-coders can easily define their styles by using the sliders and other styling tools that both plugins have.

As for Templates, he suggests that Divi wins out with it's larger library (due to being around for a bit longer than Elementor):

While both the Elementor and Divi builder plugins offer a vast range of template selection, at this point in time, we believe that the Divi builder offers far more in terms of numbers.

Ultimately they conclude that the functionality offered by the two plugins is very similar, and the decision on whether to buy boils down to pricing - if you're an agency with a lot of sites, go for Divi, if you're just using it on one site or need a free builder, then Elementor is the way to go.