Learn Elementor - WordPress Front-End Development Course

Build the site you want using the most powerful WordPress page builder & theme creator.


Updated on: 26th Oct 2021
Lean Elementor - WordPress Front-End Development Course is one of a number of Elementor courses on Udemy. This particular one comes in at 6.5 hours, and is taught by Andrew Williams, who has made a living teaching online since 2003.


Complete Wordpress Course | Elementor

Complete Wordpress Course | Elementor


Complete Wordpress Course opts for the follow along style for the whole course, as opposed to Learn Elementor which uses the bulk of the video to explain the concepts and fundamentals of Elementor, leaving it to the last chapter to put these lessons into practice using a follow along exercise.

Which one is better for you is really a matter of preference as to learning style.

Complete Wordpress Course is somewhat cheaper at $79 as opposed to $199 for Learn Elementor.

Learn Elementor & WordPress, for Startups & Freelancers

Learn Elementor & WordPress, for Startups & Freelancers


Learn Elementor & Wordpress for Startups & Freelancers is a more recent course covering building websites using the Elementor page builder.

Learn Elementor & Wordpress takes a hands on approach, and is based around the free version of Elementor.

Both courses cost the same ($199), however Learn Elementor & Wordpress contains about 2.5 hrs of video as opposed to Learn Elementor's 6.5 hrs.

How To Make a Wordpress Website -Elementor Page Builder

How To Make a Wordpress Website -Elementor Page Builder


How To Make a Wordpress Website - Elementor Page Builder is a more beginner focused course than Learn Elementor - WordPress Front-End Development.

The course content comes in at 1.5 hours (as opposed to Learn Elementor's 6.5 hours). Longer / more videos isn't necessarily a good thing, but Learn Elementor clearly goes into more detail than How To Make a WordPress Website.

That being said, How To Make a Wordpress Website is cheaper at $19.99 as opposed to $199.99 for Learn Elementor (although if you're patient, Udemy will often offer big discounts for the more expensive courses).

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Course structure

The course covers the following sections: 

  • Designing Your Site - covers where to get inspiration, how to think about site structure, and how to choose fonts and colours. Obviously design is a huge subject, so this is only really a very high level instruction.
  • Essential Skills & Resources - covers a couple more design related subjects.
  • Elementor Back End Settings - we're into the Elementor plugin now, with a section that goes over how to set up and configure the plugin.
  • Elementor Interface Settings - we're onto the front end of Elementor now with a section that details the various aspects of the Elementor interface. 
  • Elementor Page Structure - we're about 2 hours into the course by the time we get to the Elementor Page Structure section - this is the first part of the course that actually covers building things with Elementor, specifically how page structure works - what are sections, columns, elements etc.
  • Using Templates - templates are used to create reusable pages, this section details how to create, import & export templates.
  • Theme Builder - how to use the Elementor theme builder to modify parts of the site normally associated with the theme - header, footer etc.
  • Demo Site - 1hr 40min of hands on lectures covering how to build each page of a demo business site.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of setup in the course (covering design related subjects), but the meat of the course details how to use the various aspects of Elementor. The instruction is followed by a follow through exercise where you apply the instruction learned in previous lectures.


A great course covering Elementor in a decent amount of detail. Definitely one of the better Elementor courses on Udemy, it is well suited to those who like to learn up front and then apply what they've learned, rather than those who prefer learning as they go.