WordPress Appointment and Event Booking Plugin

Amelia is a WordPress booking calendar plugin that aims to have a smooth experience from booking appointments on the front end to managing bookings on the back end.

It supports mobile-first booking forms and no page reloading.

A responsive interface integrated into the WordPress admin dashboard makes it easier for admins to manage bookings. The developer promises that this Amelia is powerful enough to handle the job of your front desk and free your team to focus on service delivery.  

Which WordPress Sites is This Plugin Ideal For? 

Amelia reservation plugin provides an, enterprise-level booking integration to any WordPress-based business. It is well suited to businesses operating in the following areas:

  • Legal consultancy – list services available, schedule meetings, collect payments and manage staff from your WordPress dashboard.  
  • Gym & sports – allow clients to select a service, choose a trainer, make a reservation, and pay for individual or group training.  
  • Private clinics – Amelia makes it easy for medical professionals to list their services, facilitate seamless appointment scheduling, and collect payments.  
  • Repair centers – repair centers can list their services, show a list of available servicemen, and enable appointment setting.  
  • Spa salons – integrate a comprehensive online receptionist desk to take the hassle out of managing any spa or massage salon business.  
  • Beauty salons – this WordPress appointment plugin makes it easy for your salon customers to browse the procedures available, choose a stylist, and book in advance. 

How Does it Work 

Once installed and activated on your WP site, the next step is to configure basic settings such as opening hours, then create services. The Amelia icon is added to the WordPress editor toolbar so you can add a booking form (by selecting the appropriate shortcode) to any WordPress page or post. Customers will be able to create bookings in a few steps from the front end, and admins can easily alter settings and manage bookings in the WordPress admin dashboard. 

Pros and Cons 

What sets Amelia apart from many other booking plugins is the level of control it gives you over everything. The plugin supports multiple services, employees, and locations to accommodate diverse reservation case scenarios. The smooth interface with a single-page-app front-end approach makes it easier for customers to follow through the steps until they complete their booking.

Amelia is in many ways a great plugin for professional booking functionality on a variety of WordPress sites. However, this plugin may not be ideal for you if you are looking for a highly customizable solution. It isn’t as flexible as other bookings plugins when it comes to adding new functions and code to customize its functionality. 


  • Flexible scheduling– supports custom services schedule so you can configure working hours and breaks per service and employee.
  • Recurring appointments– makes it easier for customers to schedule recurring appointments (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) to maximize revenue. Also, set up special days with a non-recurring service schedule and working hours. 
  • Custom booking forms – create custom fields to collect as much information as needed from each customer. 
  • Set up events– configure one-time or repeating events such as classes, conferences, concerts, meetings with front-end booking and back-end attendance management. 
  • Collect payments– accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, and native WooCommerce integration.
  • Calendar Sync– Amelia synchronizes with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar for easier management.
  • Booking wizard– step-by-step booking wizard that’s almost intuitive for customers to use. 
  • Insightful dashboard– view your services and calendar in friendly interfaces. Also, track financials and conversions through dashboard-presented charts.
  • Search interface – customers can use up a search functionality to look up a service, employee, or date with filters. 
  • Multiple employees & locations – numerous settings to manage multiple services, employees, and locations.
  • Group appointments– set up group bookings with a minimum and maximum capacity.
  • Notifications – supports SMS and e-mail notifications to customers and employees. 
  • GDPR compliance– Amelia is compliant with GDPR data privacy requirements. 
  • Discounts and coupons – create discount coupons and track how they are used.
  • Customizable design– adjust the fonts and colors to match your WordPress theme and brand style. 


Amelia offers a limited free version that is available in the WordPress plugin repository. While this may work for simple use cases, it lacks important features such as multiple locations and advanced front-end views. The premium version of Amelia offers three pricing options:

  • Basic$59 per year per domain for unlimited appointments, unlimited employees, unlimited locations, and customizable design.  
  • PRO - $109 per year for three domains for all the features in Basic plus packages of services.  
  • Developer$249 per year for unlimited domains and all the features you get in PRO.  
All premium plans come with a year of premium support and monthly updates. 


Amelia, this is an WordPress appointments plugin worth considering for developers and webmasters who are looking for an established plugin with simplicity, an excellent user interface, and reasonable pricing. This plugin may not be your cup of tea if you are looking for a free option or a solution that supports advanced customizability (editing code).