Elementor Reviews

Finding good reviews for something like Elementor can be difficult - with any product that offers a decent affiliate program, you'll often see more "reviews" whose justification for existence is to drive visitors over to the product's site rather than giving them a critical appraisal.

Of course I'm not against affiliate programs themselves, or sites trying to make a living via reviews, but I do believe a review should be a review (serving the user) first, and an affiliate link second.

Elementor Review by CatsWhoCode


This review is by CatsWhoCode, it's actually a reasonable review, offering legitimate criticisms of the product rather than an entirely glowing endorsement.


Elementor Review by Themeisle


This review from Themeisle spends most of the time explaining how to use Elementor, and finishes up with a recommendation to head over to Elementor's site and give it a try.


Elementor Review by Website Planet 


This review from Website Planet reads a bit more like a sales page than a critical review, along with a glowing endorsement and plenty of calls to action.