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Updated on: 6th Jan 2023
IThemes Security, formerly known as Better WP Security, is a WordPress plugin designed to enhance the security of WordPress websites by providing protection against known security risks. It helps ensure that security vulnerabilities are identified and understood, provides improved access control, helps detect and protect against malicious hackers, and provides safety measures against brute-force attacks. The plugin features over 30 security checks, including two-factor authentication, to monitor and deploy enhancements to the WordPress website’s security setup.

IThemes Security also offers a number of additional security measures, such as a malware scan, malware and blacklist history, file integrity checks, and user login security. It includes file system monitoring, to detect any changed files, and an automatic issue resolution tool that can assist with taking action in response to any security concerns identified.

The plugin also offers an optional Secure Password Generator, which can be used to generate harder-to-guess passwords that are more secure than commonly used passwords. In addition, IThemes Security offers integration with popular web hosting providers, such as HostGator and WP Engine, to allow for secure lockdown of selected resources.

What sets iThemes Security Plugin apart

    Free plan limitations

    The free plan is missing some login security - it does have Two Factor Authentication (2FA), but does not support reCAPTCHA or passwordless logins.

    It also does not have a security / vulnerability scanner, but just has a basic file change detection scan.




    Just like iThemes Security, Wordfence is a software firewall that offers both a free and premium plan for users.

    The free plan offers basic protection for those running smaller sites.

    The main difference between the free and premium Wordfence plans is that the threat database (malware signatures, IP blacklist, firewall rules) is updated in real time, whereas the free plan this is delayed by 30 days.

    The premium plan cost users $99 a year, and while there is no affiliate program currently available, it still has garnered fairly decent reviews.

    Sucuri Wordpress Security & Scanner

    Sucuri Wordpress Security & Scanner

    Sucuri WordPress Security & Scanner is a free security plugin available to WordPress users. Through the use of its Security Web Application Firewall proxy, it stops cyberattacks so that they never end up reaching your website.

    The Sucuri WordPress Security and Scanner plugin does not cost the user any money to download, but their Sucuri Web Application Firewall is a premium security program that comes at a cost. This option is ideal for users who have sites with large amounts of traffic and more at stake to lose in the event of a cyber attack.

    The firewall built into iThemes differs from the Sucuri WAF in that the WAF is cloud based, meaning that it's hosted in the cloud by Sucuri. They intercept traffic and verify it's legitimate before sending to your site. The iThemes firewall is a software firewall, so running on your site as a part of the WordPress application.

    The Web Application Firewall is quite pricey - the Basic plan is $199 a year, the Pro plan is $299 a year, and the Business platform is $499 a year.



    Malcare is the only WordPress plugin that offers instant removal of malware from WordPress websites.

    The plugin, which only takes 60 seconds to set up and install, cleans up harmful malware that may be lurking in your website. It removes any malware it finds quickly, without making you wait hours or days for results and having a bogged-down website in the meantime.

    With pricing that ranges from $99 for Personal plans to customized agency plans, there are tiers available for every kind of website creator.

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    • Password Protection: This feature allows administrators to protect the login page of their website with a custom password. It prevents unauthorised users from accessing the login page and helps protect against malicious attempts to gain access.
    • Two-Factor Authentication: Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to user accounts by requiring an additional authentication code in addition to standard username and password. This helps ensure that only approved users can access the website.
    • Monitoring & Logging: This feature provides detailed logs of activities taking place within a WordPress site. It allows admins to identify any suspicious logins or changes to WordPress or plugin files, which can then be investigated further.
    • Automated System Updates: This feature automatically updates WordPress and plugin versions on the website to the latest releases. This ensures that all the latest security patches and bug fixes are installed, making the website more secure.
    • Automatic Malware Scanning: This feature automatically scans the website for known malicious code and helps alert administrators of any potential risks. It also helps prevent malicious scripts and attackers from accessing the website.
    • File Change Detection & Monitoring: This feature detects and monitors changes to different files within the WordPress installation. It can alert admins of any unauthorized changes that may lead to website compromise.
    • User Access & Activity Control: This feature allows administrators to control user activity and access levels. It helps protect against malicious activity by limiting user privileges, and providing access levels to only those who need to make changes.



    The Blogger plan allows users to secure a single website for $80 a year. This also includes a year’s worth of updates for your plugins as well as a year of ticketed support. So whether you are posting homemade recipes or do-it-yourself life hacks on your blog, this plan will cover your basic security needs.

    Small Business

    If you are trying to get your business off the ground, you may want to upgrade to the Small Business plan. For $127 a year, users gain a year’s worth of ticketed support and plug-in updates for ten sites, so your plugin protection can expand alongside your small business.


    You can get iThemes Security Pro without restrictions if you upgrade to their top-tier plan. With the iThemes Security Pro Gold level, users can pay $199 per year for access on an unlimited number of websites. As with the other two plans, you also get plugin updates and ticketed support for a year.

    If your needs change and you need to change or cancel your plan, iThemes Security Pro also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


    Beneath the surface, websites run an increasingly diverse array of modules and libraries in order to keep the site functioning. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that often escapes the eye of the casual user, or even the site admin. As a result, if a hacker can identify a flaw in a single one of these libraries, they could potentially get into your system. In practice, they would most likely scan thousands of sites at a time for a vast number of different, already known, vulnerabilities. With iThemes Security Pro, you can nip these attacks in the bud, with no action needed other than downloading the plugin. Cyber-attacks may seem inevitable (and they often are), but iThemes Security Pro and other security plug-ins reduce the risk of attacks so users can work on their site without fear of its security being compromised.