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Updated on: 15th Oct 2021
LayerSlider is a WordPress slider plugin developed by Kreatura. It offers over 200 unique templates and transition effects, as well as multiple animations and layers. LayerSlider contains all the necessary features for building carousels or sliders, what sets it apart however is that you can also build interactive popups, functionality that most slider plugins don’t offer.

In general, LayerSlider sits alongside more advanced and option-heavy plugins. Unfortunately, there is no free version available. Pricing for this plugin ranges from $25 to $750, depending on the number of websites for which you require a license.

What sets LayerSlider apart

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    LayerSlider is a unique slider plugin because you can use it to build and customize popups. As far as how your popups look, this plugin comes with 16 templates to get you started. If there isn’t a template for the specific popup you’re looking to build, you can purchase a popup add-on. This will give you access to over 60 additional templates created by WebshopWorks. 

    From there, you can modify your popup’s size, customize its opening and closing animations, and adjust its overall appearance. LayerSlider provides you with social media buttons so visitors can share your site on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. It also offers third-party compatibility, so you can even embed content built with other plugins into your popups.

    Furthermore, you can control various technical aspects of your popups. Your popups can open and close based on the following interactions:

    • Overall time spent on a page
    • Idle time spent on a page
    • Scroll position
    • Button clicks

    You can implement LayerSlider’s exit detection feature to display a popup when a visitor is about to leave your website. Your popups can target specific audiences as well, and you will be able to choose if, when, and how popups appear multiple times for a single viewer.

    If you want to include any kind of popup on your website, LayerSlider will be able to help you build it. However, if you are solely interested in designing sliders, all these features may seem excessive and could contribute to interface bloating.


Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a WordPress slider plugin that best compares to LayerSlider. Both of these plugins offer tons of options and allow you to design sliders that stand out from the crowd.

Some of these features differ, but both still give you extensive control over the visual elements you can create. The most significant contrast between the two plugins is their pricing models.

Using Slider Revolution for a single website costs a one-time payment of $79, while LayerSlider is only $25 for one site. Slider Revolution comes with 25+ add-ons and a royalty-free image library, partially explaining the pricing differential. Overall, both plugins are more advanced, providing users with greater control but also involving a steeper learning curve.

Smart Slider

Smart Slider

Smart Slider 3 is another plugin you can use to build sliders on your WordPress site. Like LayerSlider, this plugin features a drag-and-drop visual editor with which you can create sliders that are SEO-friendly and mobile responsive. It also offers nearly 200 templates.

However, Smart Slider 3 stands out because of its generous free version. It is less feature-packed and can be easier to use and more beginner-friendly, at the expense of more intricate design options. It also does not offer popup creation.

In general, Smart Slider emphasizes user experience and efficiency instead of focusing on slider design and control.



RoyalSlider is a WordPress slider plugin that is very different from LayerSlider. Instead of offering a visual editor, you customize your slides using CSS. It also gives you access to its modular source code, written in JavaScript, allowing you to adjust and personalize the plugin itself. You can add options or remove features as you see fit.

RoyalSlider does not emphasize styles and transitions as LayerSlider does — it only has four skins, nine templates, and five animation effects. It also is limited to creating sliders and doesn’t help you craft other visual content.

While this slider plugin isn’t designed to build complex sliders, it can benefit users who have coding experience by allowing them to customize both their sliders and their user experience.

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In addition to the popup-specific features described above, LayerSlider offers a wide variety of options for building blocks, sliders, and web pages. This plugin’s interface is a drag-and-drop visual editor that includes image editing functionality, revision history, and live previewing. You can incorporate different content into your slides, including dynamic WordPress posts and YouTube or Vimeo videos. 

While constructing your sliders, you can choose from over 120 templateseight layout styles, and 19 skins. LayerSlider also provides you with hundreds of transition effects, seven types of layers, and nine different layer animations.

These are the main options that LayerSlider includes, and you can find a complete list of this plugin’s extensive features on their website.


LayerSlider offers three different pricing models, all available for one-time payments:

  1. Personal- $25 for a single site
  2. Professional- $66+ for multiple sites
  3. In-Stock- $125 for developers to bundle a version of LayerSlider into their WordPress themes

All of these packages are all-inclusive. The Professional option starts at $66 for three sites and reaches $750 for 50 websites. If you need to use LayerSlider on more than 50 sites, you must contact the developers to ask about pricing. Purchasing the Personal and Professional licenses directly also gives you free access to various premium features that aren’t available to those who bought a theme containing LayerSlider.


Overall, LayerSlider is a WordPress slider plugin that you can use to build complicated visual elements for your website, including popups. Its highest price per site is a single payment of $25, so this plugin is an affordable option, especially considering its long list of features. If you don’t require so many options, you may find this plugin bloated. It can also be more challenging for beginners to learn to use. However, if you need to create eye-catching popups and fancy sliders for your website, LayerSlider can help you achieve these goals.