Alternatives for LayerSlider


Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a WordPress slider plugin that best compares to LayerSlider. Both of these plugins offer tons of options and allow you to design sliders that stand out from the crowd.

Some of these features differ, but both still give you extensive control over the visual elements you can create. The most significant contrast between the two plugins is their pricing models.

Using Slider Revolution for a single website costs a one-time payment of $79, while LayerSlider is only $25 for one site. Slider Revolution comes with 25+ add-ons and a royalty-free image library, partially explaining the pricing differential. Overall, both plugins are more advanced, providing users with greater control but also involving a steeper learning curve.


Smart Slider

Smart Slider 3 is another plugin you can use to build sliders on your WordPress site. Like LayerSlider, this plugin features a drag-and-drop visual editor with which you can create sliders that are SEO-friendly and mobile responsive. It also offers nearly 200 templates.

However, Smart Slider 3 stands out because of its generous free version. It is less feature-packed and can be easier to use and more beginner-friendly, at the expense of more intricate design options. It also does not offer popup creation.

In general, Smart Slider emphasizes user experience and efficiency instead of focusing on slider design and control.



RoyalSlider is a WordPress slider plugin that is very different from LayerSlider. Instead of offering a visual editor, you customize your slides using CSS. It also gives you access to its modular source code, written in JavaScript, allowing you to adjust and personalize the plugin itself. You can add options or remove features as you see fit.

RoyalSlider does not emphasize styles and transitions as LayerSlider does — it only has four skins, nine templates, and five animation effects. It also is limited to creating sliders and doesn’t help you craft other visual content.

While this slider plugin isn’t designed to build complex sliders, it can benefit users who have coding experience by allowing them to customize both their sliders and their user experience.