Alternatives for MetaSlider


Smart Slider

Smart Slider 3 is another WordPress slider plugin that also offers both free and paid plans. The free version has several more features than MetaSlider Free does. It provides you with six types of layers so you can add text, buttons, or YouTube/Vimeo videos directly to your slides. It also supports dynamic WordPress content, letting you highlight your most recent posts or specific subjects.

The paid licenses for Smart Slider 3 are all-inclusive and only require one-time payments. These licenses give you access to over 180 templates, 20 additional layers, and eight animations and effects.

Even though this plugin comes with more features than MetaSlider, it is still intuitive to use. Its premade templates and slides let you build sliders efficiently, even if you are new to designing them.


Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a much more advanced slider plugin that does not have a free or trial version. At only $29 a year, the single-site Starter option is cheaper than MetaSlider’s 1-2 site license. The prices increase rapidly, however, and the 100-site Professional model costs $1999 a year.

Slider Revolution focuses on customizability and has in-depth options so you can control your sliders’ most minute details. It offers over 200 templates, over 25 add-ons, and access to an object library.

Because it is all-inclusive and contains so many features, Slider Revolution has a relatively steep learning curve, and beginners may not find it easy to use. Experienced developers, on the other hand, could use this plugin to design specialized sliders or even entire web pages.



Soliloquy is a WordPress slider plugin similar to MetaSlider in several ways. It offers both free and paid versions. It also features a straightforward interface, dynamic WordPress content, thumbnail navigation, and image-based slides.

However, Soliloquy can interact with some social media sites — there is an option to import images from Instagram and a Pin It button for quick Pinterest sharing.

Additionally, this plugin gives you more control over the dynamic content displayed in your slides than MetaSlider does.

One downside to Soliloquy is that it is not all-inclusive, and each plan gives you access to different features. Some options, such as carousels and thumbnail navigation, do not become available until you purchase the Developer model for $89 a year.



RoyalSlider is another WordPress slider plugin. It is sold on CodeCanyon, where it has over 2,200 ratings and an average of 4.64 of 5 stars.

Like MetaSlider, you can use this intuitive plugin to create SEO-optimized, mobile responsive sliders that can contain images, HTML slides, and YouTube/Vimeo videos. Both plugins also offer customizable automatic image sizing so you can best display your pictures.

There is no free version of this plugin, and only one pricing option is available — a one-time payment of $24 per site. Altogether, RoyalSlider provides a user-friendly interface, and its sliders are designed for optimal performance and quick load times.