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Updated on: 17th Sep 2021


Oxygen Builder is a full site builder, allowing customisation of the layout and any element on the website. They have a vast design library of user interface elements, take page speed more seriously than some of the other builders, and sport integrations with SEO plugins such as Yoast and Rank Math. They offer lifetime support with each purchase, along with a variety of tutorials directly linked through the plugin’s website.

What Sets Oxygen Builder Apart

One of the main thing that distinguishes Oxygen Builder is that it's a full site builder. The plugin is used to edit not just the individual pages, but the whole layout - header, footer etc. This comes with some advantages, but also some drawbacks. For example, the plugin completely disables the active theme - all layout has to be handled by the Oxygen Builder plugin. On the other hand, it gives them far more control over the code being sent to the browser, and enables them to make some pretty responsive requests.


Oxygen Builder features several web design tools that give users a simplified workflow when designing their website. The plugin offers full WooCommerce integration, allowing users to customize individual pages in their marketplace. Oxygen Builder provides functions to make management of page development simpler, giving you the ability to restrict and limit functions by using a role system for content designers. Oxygen Builder markets itself as running “clean, lean, and bloat-free” and promises better performance and faster load time than its alternatives.

Oxygen Builder focuses on visual functionality, giving users drop-down boxes for customizing visual effects and layouts for each element. The plugin allows freeform editing of images natively, allowing users to add filters and transform photos they've added to their pages. Oxygen Builder also provides options for conditional elements, which appear when certain conditions like date, time, and the day of the week are met. The plugin also offers a selection of pre-built components called “Composite Elements,' included with the highest payment tier or sold separately for a monthly fee. Oxygen Builder also allows its users to add custom code, like HTML and CSS, to personalize their websites further.


Oxygen Builder features four tiers of pricing, each level featuring a one-time payment. The Basic tier, priced at $129, gives its users a lifetime unlimited license to the site-builder. 

The WooCommerce level, as the name would suggest, adds WooCommerce integration along with the builder at the price of $169. 

The Agency package, priced at $199, contains both of the previous tier’s offerings and adds the plugin’s Gutenberg Block Builder and  Simplified Client UI. 

The Ultimate package, priced at $229, offers everything the lower levels include, plus access to Oxygen Builder’s Composite Elements. 

You can also purchase composite Elements separately from the plugin at a standalone rate of $29 per month.


Oxygen Builder is a very flexible full site builder that takes page speed and SEO seriously.

Their lifetime pricing, and ability to use the plugin on unlimited sites with a single license make it a decent option for agencies.

The lack of a free plan or trial is a little disappointing, they do offer a 60 day money back guarantee, but you'll obviously need to be committed enough to fork out the cash upfront to be able to make use of that.

What sets Oxygen Builder apart


    Visual Composer Page Builder

    Visual Composer Page Builder


    Visual Composer is a similar plugin allowing users to build their own WordPress site. Visual Composer offers a similar drag-and-drop style of page-building while offering design features like instant visual feedback while editing.

    Visual Composer features a suite of pre-built elements within the plugin, and premium plans provide an expanded library and access to Unsplash’s selection of stock images.

    Visual Composer offers a free-to-use program alongside three payment plans, with each tier offering more websites and more robust development tools. This plugin also promises weekly updates with new features constantly being added.

    WPBakery Page Builder

    WPBakery Page Builder


    WPBakery is really the other end of the spectrum when considering page builders.

    Oxygen Builder is designed as a full site builder, and while it can be used as a page builder, the site also needs to be built with it. WPBakery on the other hand is only capable of building individual pages, and none of the rest of the layout.

    Price wise, Oxygen Builder is more expensive, starting at $129, but can be used on unlimited sites, whereas WPBakery Page Builder costs $45 but can only be used on a single site.




    Elementor similarly offers various tools for companies to build and personalize their websites with a focus on marketing.

    Elementor comes with a selection of tools for companies to streamline their website as a marketplace, allowing for custom widgets and templates built around advertising individual products. Elementor also offers learning tools for their program with YouTube tutorials directly linked through the plugin’s website.

    Elementor has a free-to-use version with access to a limited selection of the plugin’s resources, with premium packages starting at $49 per year for a single website, including several tiers offering up to one thousand sites.

    Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder


    The BeaverBuilder plugin offers drag-and-drop web design across unlimited websites instead of restrictions on use from similar programs.

    BeaverBuilder markets itself on the variety of sites the plugin can accommodate, from individual blogs to large companies. The plugin is compatible with almost every WordPress theme and a fair number of WordPress-based plugins, such as Genesis and Page Builder Framework.

    BeaverBuilder does not feature a free-to-use plan, with premium plans for the page builder starting at $99 per year. BeaverBuilder also features a separate add-on called “Beaver Themer," allowing users to create custom site elements such as search pages and 404 pages priced at $147.

    Themify Builder

    Themify Builder


    Themify Builder Pro also offers full site customisation functionality, although it's maybe not as well featured as Oxygen Builder.

    Both plugins offer WooCommerce integration, although for Oxygen this comes in at the second pricing tier.

    Themify's builder is cheaper at $69, but the fact that you need to renew yearly (albeit at a 30% discount) to maintain support and updates detracts somewhat.

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