Touch-Enabled Image Gallery and Content Slider Plugin

RoyalSlider is a WordPress slider plugin developed by Semenov and available on CodeCanyon. It’s a unique slider plugin because it allows you to use code to design your sliders and adjust the plugin itself. It features 11 slider templates and four skins that you can customize using CSS. You can incorporate different types of content into your slides as well. This plugin is popular and well-rated, with over 29,000 sales and 2,200 reviews that average out to 4.64 out of 5 stars. 

Altogether, RoyalSlider is best suited for developers who have experience using CSS and JavaScript. If you are familiar with these languages, you can use this plugin to create high-performing and unique sliders for your website.

What Sets RoyalSlider Apart

Instead of offering a visual editor as many slider plugins do, RoyalSlider lets you design your slider with CSS. It has a drop-down menu that provides options including image size and scaling, captions, thumbnails, and more. However, you design your slides’ appearances via code. With 20 variables, you can control everything from each slide’s content to the size of your slider’s thumbnails. 

Moreover, purchasing RoyalSlider will give you access to its source code, which is written in JavaScript. As a result, you can add to and edit the modular code freely, and you can easily optimize it by excluding any modules that you aren’t using.

If you are familiar with CSS and JavaScript, RoyalSlider gives you a wide range of flexibility when it comes to customizing your slides. It also allows you to optimize your user experience to best suit your needs. If you don’t know these coding languages, though, you might look into a plugin that features a visual editor.


RoyalSlider lets you build five types of sliders:

  1. Custom sliders
  2. Sliders from your posts
  3. 500px galleries
  4. Flickr galleries
  5. Default WordPress galleries

It is compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, and WooCommerce as well. Your custom HTML slides can showcase images, videos, and text, and you can use different types of content within the same slider.

RoyalSlider offers 11 templates and four skins to help you build your sliders. Every slider is mobile responsive, SEO friendly, and optimized for speed using a smart lazy-loading feature. You can also create HTML blocks and animate them individually, choosing from five basic animation types. 


RoyalSlider is available through CodeCanyon. It only offers one pricing option, a $24 one-time payment for all of its features. Each license allows you to create sliders on one website.


RoyalSlider  offers a high level of customizability, and you can use code to design the appearance of your slides and even adjust the functions of the plugin itself. In addition, the premade templates and skins can kick-start your slider-building process. On the whole, this plugin focuses on creating high-performing sliders and providing an optimal user experience.

This plugin does not feature a visual editor, and therefore is not particularly suitable for individuals unfamiliar with CSS and JavaScript. Users with coding experience, however, can benefit from the flexibility and user-friendly interface that RoyalSlider offers.









MetaSlider is a slider plugin with several similarities to RoyalSlider.

Both plugins offer 11 templates, WooCommerce and WordPress support, and fast-loading slides that can display images, videos, and text.

Unlike using RoyalSlider, though, building a slider with MetaSlider doesn’t involve using code.

This plugin has a free version, but it is somewhat limited in functionality. You can purchase the all-inclusive premium models for yearly payments ranging from $39 to $149. All in all, MetaSlider is a straightforward plugin that can help you build sliders similar to ones you could create using RoyalSlider.



Soliloquy is a WordPress slider plugin with free and paid plans. It is similar to RoyalSlider in some ways — it provides templates you can use to create mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly sliders. It also offers an add-on that allows you to customize your slides using CSS.

However, it features a drag-and-drop visual editor, so you don’t have to use code if you don’t want to.

Like RoyalSlider, this plugin is well-respected for its sliders' speed and performance, but it utilizes asynchronous loading instead of lazy loading.

Soliloquy’s premium plans are available for yearly payments ranging from $17 to $89, and the lifetime model costs a single fee of $269. These licenses are not all-inclusive, though, and each subsequent model offers more features than the cheaper ones.


Smart Slider

Smart Slider 3 is a WordPress slider plugin with a visual editor.

Smart Slider offers a fully functional free version that provides you with several features, including layers and 14 slider templates.

Like RoyalSlider, it supports dynamic WordPress content and videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Its sliders are also all mobile responsive. However, you don’t need to code to use Smart Slider.

Its paid plans feature many more effects, dynamic content sources, and animation styles than RoyalSlider does. These licenses are more expensive than RoyalSlider’s, though, with the cheapest one costing $49 for a single site.


Slider Revolution

Like RoyalSlider, Slider Revolution allows you to build SEO-optimized, mobile-responsive slides containing a wide variety of content. However, it features a drag-and-drop visual editor and doesn’t require you to use any code to customize your slides. It also features many more animations, templates, and transitions than RoyalSlider does and can create entire blocks or even web pages.

The visual editor has pros and cons. It can be helpful to individuals with no coding experience who need to create unique and professional-looking sliders. However, it also offers so many options that you may find its interface to be bloated.

With RoyalSlider, you can adjust the source code to remove unnecessary functions, but you can’t do that with Slider Revolution.



LayerSlider is a more advanced slider plugin with plenty of effects and features. Its visual editor can help you build a variety of content, including blocks, hero sections, and pop-ups.

Additionally, this plugin features over 210 slider templates, 19 skins, and over 90 pop-up templates, giving you a broader selection of starting points than RoyalSlider.

It also provides you with several animations and hundreds of transition effects.

At $25 for a single site plan, this plugin’s cost is very comparable to RoyalSlider’s. LayerSlider contains plenty of options, allowing you to make complex sliders. However, as is the case with feature-packed plugins, the interface may not be that beginner-friendly.

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