Simply Schedule Appointments

Easy & elegant appointment scheduling for WordPress websites

Updated on: 12th Oct 2021


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    Simple backend with easy installation and management (minimize admin time)


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    Speed and accuracy - plugin interface is built using Vue.js and REST API


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    Great support



    Simply Schedule Appointments is one of the newer appointments plugins for WordPress. It has received decent ratings from users across the board throughout the 3 years that it has been in the market. This booking plugin offers practical features along with simple and attractive interfaces. It seems to find the right balance between simplicity and functionality. It is designed for companies that need to let customers book phone calls, meetings, or coaching sessions. Users have addressed some functionality issues here and there but the developer team seems to be very responsive in addressing them. Pricing for one year of support and updates ranges from $99 to $299.

    What sets Simply Schedule Appointments apart

      Free plan limitations

      The free plan of Simply Schedule Appointments includes integrations with elementor widgets, Divi Modules, Beaver Builder modules, and more. You'll need to get the premium version if you want to use integrations with Google Calendar, MailChimp, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, PayPal, Stripe, Zapier Webhooks, Twilio, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Segment, Facebook Pixel, Google Meet, and Zoom.




      Amelia is among the top booking plugins for WordPress and arguably one of the best alternatives to Simply Schedule Appointments.

      It offers a freemium version (Amelia Lite) with basic functionality on the WordPress plugin marketplace.

      One of the best highlights about Amelia is its versatility. It supports multiple services, employees, and locations to accommodate diverse reservation case scenarios.

      The premium version of Amelia is also slightly cheaper than Simply Schedule Appointments.

      While this plugin has a steeper learning curve, it provides enterprise-level booking functionality with rich, flexible features and options.

      BirchPress Scheduler

      BirchPress Scheduler

      Birchpress Scheduler is a highly rated booking plugin that offers straightforward features and blends in with the native WordPress ecosystem.

      One of the best things about this plugin is that it allows users to capture PayPal and credit card payments without the need for third-party payment gateways.

      It also makes it possible for developers to write custom functions to extend the functionality of the booking plugin.

      On the flip side, Birchpress Scheduler currently does not offer a free version. This is a disadvantage for users who want to get a feel of the plugin before they purchase the premium version.

      Booking Calendar

      Booking Calendar

      Booking Calendar is one of the oldest booking plugins for WordPress. It has been around for over 10 years and comes across as a powerful, customizable, and responsive option.

      Just like Simply Schedule Appointments, Booking Calendar offers a capable freemium version that can support basic appointment setting requirements. The premium version of Booking Calendar appears to be slightly cheaper compared to Simply Schedule Appointments.

      However, users have 15 different plans to choose from, which can be at times too confusing. More so, this plugin also has a steeper learning curve when compared to Booking Calendar.

      Start Booking

      Start Booking

      Start Booking is one of the newest appointment plugins for WordPress.

      It is a SaaS-based solution that separates management from the WordPress website. Just like Simply Schedule Appointments, Start Booking comes across as simple and easy to use.

      However, unlike Simply Schedule Appointments, the free version of Start Booking offers very limited features. This booking plugin is also considerably more expensive with premium plans ranging from $120 to $720 per year.

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      SSA comes loaded with diverse features to remove the hassle out of emailing, scheduling, and confirming clients. 

      • Advanced scheduling – configure availability by day, time, or appointment type. Easily remove your availability during birthdays, holidays, etc. 
      • Calendar sync – sync with Google calendar to avoid scheduling overlaps. 
      • Custom booking fields – create additional booking form fields to collect all the info you need from your customers. 
      • Notifications – send email notifications and SMS reminders to reduce missed appointments.
      • Customizable style – alter the fonts and colors to match your theme and brand identity.
      • Accept payments – Simply Schedule Appointments supports PayPal and Stripe payments. 
      • Conversion tracking – understand your customer funnel and optimize for better conversions. 
      • 3rd party integrations – flexible integration with numerous tools including form builders, Google Analytics, Google Meet, Google Tag, Zoom, Facebook pixel, Segment, Zapier webhooks, and Mailchimp. 
      • Setup wizard – set everything up and activate appointments on your site even if you have little technical know-how.


      The premium version of this appointment scheduling plugin is available in 3 editions, unlocking even more flexibility to suit your growing needs. 

      • Plus Edition – available at $99. This plan comes with one year of updates and support, custom form fields, classes and group events, Google Calendar, and google Meet integration. 
      • Professional Edition – available at $199 and comes with all the features in Plus along with the capabilities to take payments, track conversions and goals, and send reminders. This version also receives live support via Zoom. 
      • Business Edition – this package is available at $299 and allows you to manage schedules for multiple staff and locations, along with group events and teams. Live support via Zoom is available as well.


      Simply Schedule Appointments may be a good plugin choice particularly if you are keen on simplicity and a shorter learning curve. This may also be the right plugin for users who are looking for a capable freemium.