WordPress Appointment Plugins

WordPress appointment plugins make it easier to implement appointment setting on your WordPress website. These plugins may be especially indispensable when you are building websites for booking-fueled businesses such as restaurants’, doctors’, dentists’, or personal trainers’ websites.

Appointments/booking plugins work by presenting a customized form that allows customers to easily book an appointment online. WordPress appointment plugins replace the need to force customers to call on phone, contact by email, or worse still physically avail themselves to schedule an appointment. Surveys show that 61 percent of small businesses have better scheduling with software. 

Booking plugins add important functionality to your WordPress website. But they are not without their pros and cons. Advantages of online scheduling include convenience, better resource/staff management, automation, and increased customer satisfaction. On the flip side, some customers may find online appointment setting to be difficult or cumbersome. It is possible that they will abandon the online appointment setting process after they have filled the form and instead opt to call - which can increase the risk of double booking. 

Customizability is a key consideration when looking for the right WordPress booking plugin. If you are building a gym website – for instance – you need to accommodate multiple personal trainers who have their own schedules listed on the site. A dental website – on the other hand – would require the developer to reveal the various types of services offered and allow customers to choose specific time slots. 

WordPress booking plugins come with an assortment of features to accommodate the requirements of various WordPress websites.

  • Calendar – sync with Google calendar and/or Outlook calendar. 
  • Intuitive interfaces – friendly user facing interfaces (mobile and website) to enhance usability. 
  • Accept payments for appointments via PayPal, Stripe, or other payment processors.
  • Editable bookings – allow customers to view and edit their bookings from the front end. 
  • Searchable back end – allows website administrators to filter and view scheduled appointments from the WordPress dashboard. 
  • Customizable working hours – includes features to set more time between appointments, increase availability, remove holidays, etc. 
  • Email and SMS notifications.  

The list of available features varies from plugin to plugin. Some have a few handy features so you can achieve simple appointment scheduling while others come with advanced features such as integration with third-party tools such as Zoom and Zapier.

Usability appears to be a uniform trait among all the top-rated appointment plugins in the Wordpress.org repository. Website designers appear to be particularly bent on working with WordPress booking plugins that are simple to use and user-friendly on both web and mobile presentations. Since nobody wants to use plugins that are bogging down their website, responsiveness and performance are also important factors for developers.

Different pricing options are available for WordPress appointment plugins. Some are available entirely for free while others are exclusively premium. The majority though offer a limited free version that is available in the WordPress plugin repository plus a premium version that offers advanced features at a fee. Many developers choose to try the free version to get a handle of the plugin then upgrade to the premium version to unlock more features once they are already like it.

WordPress booking and appointment plugins can make appointment setting and scheduling easier, faster, and more accurate. This can lead to increased business sales from customers who would otherwise not tolerate hold times when calling a receptionist to book an appointment. Installing an online appointment plugin on a WordPress website can also lead to impulse bookings particularly if the website’s content does a good job at convincing people to do so.




Amelia is a powerful appointment plugin that can add an enterprise-level booking facility to your WordPress site. Once installed, you can then set up services, locations, and employees. Numerous configuration options allow you to adjust your working schedule, add image extras, discounts, local currency, and more. Customers follow an intuitive wizard when booking appointments and pay via built-in payment integration for added convenience. All factors considered, Amelia comes across as a highly usable and functional plugin that is reasonably priced. 


BirchPress Scheduler

BirchPress is a truly versatile scheduling plugin that blends in with the native WordPress interface and allows developers to write custom functions. This plugin comes with a variety of features to support the needs of a wide range of businesses ranging from health and wellness websites to professional services and educational firms. While a free version is available, it has very limited features and may not be enough for many developers. The premium version of this booking plugin comes in three different pricing plans ranging from $99 to $249 per site. Check out why BirchPress may be the right appointments plugin for your website… 


Simply Schedule Appointments

Launched some 3 years ago - Simply Schedule Appointments has turned out to be one of the more popular WordPress appointment plugins. It combines usability and functionality to deliver realistic practicality without imposing tons of unneeded features. This plugin integrates seamlessly with any WordPress site and allows you to create a bespoke booking experience with beautiful interfaces. One of the most outstanding features of this reservation plugin is the excellent support provided by its development team. Given its sheer simplicity, great front-end and back-end interfaces, and responsiveness, this plugin is competitively priced as well. 


Booking Calendar

Choosing the right appointments plugin is the first step towards a streamlined booking experience. Booking Calendar is considered by many developers to be the de-facto appointments plugin for WordPress. It has been around since 2009 and offers almost every feature you can think of when building an appointments-powered website. This plugin comes across as extremely easy to use, flexible, customizable, and responsive. It supports a massive variety of services and properties (e.g., hotel room reservations) as well. The plugin has a powerful free version that may suit the needs of your website. If you choose to go premium, there are about 15 different plans to choose from, each of which is available at a fixed price (one-time-fee). 


Start Booking

If you are looking for a WordPress plugin for scheduling appointments, Start Booking may be just what you need. This plugin offers a wealth of features and integrations to support a customizable booking experience. Two-way synchronization with Google Calendar means that website admins and staff members can access and manage appointments from any device. The plugin’s booking forms are customizable and take after your website’s theme design by default. While you’ll have to log in to the vendor’s website to do most of the setup, this plugin is definitely worth the time. It works great for diverse WordPress websites ranging from personal trainers to doctors and online classes. Start Booking is available at a reasonable price compared to other WordPress bookings plugins.