WordPress Landing Page Builders

A landing page is a single web page where a potential customer 'lands' after clicking an advertisement online or in an email. Landing pages usually link from social media posts, email campaigns, or search engine marketing campaigns. The goal of a landing page is to convert a visitor into a customer or lead. 

Landing page builder plugins allow for an extension of basic functionally from your WordPress website. Instead of linking to your home page, these plugins put your site visitors on a page that prompts a specific call to action. 

Directing visitors to a specific call to action can convert faster than just bringing them to your home page. 

Common Features

Templates: Landing page builder plugins have a selection of ready-to-use templates so that you do not need to know any coding languages to design a landing page. 

You would select a template from the gallery that would best suit the type of landing page you want to build. Many plugin companies claim that building a page only takes a few minutes.  

After selecting a template, you can then customize the landing page with a drag and drop tool.

Drag and Drop Tool: They also usually have a drag and drop tool to customize the page to your needs. This feature also bypasses the need to know any coding language to build the landing page. 

You would use this feature to add your company logo and sales copy, for example. 

Mobile Ready: This feature allows your landing page to appear correctly on mobile devices. 

A/B Split Testing: This feature allows you to show two different versions of the same page to different segments of your visitors. The split is randomized. It then tracks the data to show which version had a better conversion rate. 
The 'A' refers to the original version of the page. 'B' then refers to a variation. The 'winner' is the variation that moved your metric of measurement in a positive direction. 

The metrics you want to track are customizable. You can track both customer conversions or lead generations. 

Email Integration: these plugins can integrate with primary email marketing services. One way that you will bring visitors to our landing page would be through email marketing campaigns. 

Some email marketing services, such as Mail Chimp, also offer their own landing page builder plugins.


One notable benefit of having one of these plugins is that it makes building your landing page a DIY project. You do not need to know coding language or hire someone who does. 

Plugins that extend your WordPress website have customer support both through the plugin builder and WordPress itself. You should be able to get help when you need it.


With many landing page builder plugins, the free tier subscription does not give you access to most of the features. You have to look at which features you can get at each level of subscription. 

Many of them do not have a free tier at all but offer free trials. You likewise will have to decide which features you most want to utilize and at what level they are available. 

Not all of them are dedicated landing page builders either. It may be harder to find the exact features that you are looking for from those companies. 

To sum up, a landing page builder plugin can be a useful extension of your WordPress website. You do not need to know coding languages to have a professional-looking landing page that will convert visitors to customers.

Sites dedicated to online marketing or e-commerce can benefit from a landing page builder plugin. 

Pages that are not selling anything or needing to generate leads like blogs can usually forgo landing pages. The cost of the subscription would need to be less than the revenue generated from a landing page. 

You will most likely need to pay for a subscription service to get the most out of your landing page builder plugin. Most of these companies offer multiple levels with more features for higher subscriptions. You can choose the level that is right for you. 


Landing page builder plugins can be beneficial for building your online business. If you want to give direct calls to action to your site visitors, a landing page could be a good choice for you.


Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a self hosted landing page builder, so you'll be building pages hosted in your WordPress site rather than on a SaaS application like Leadpages or Unbounce.

As such, it can also be used as a standard page builder (so for building pages within your site layout - home, about etc), whereas the aforementioned services cannot.

It is reasonably priced in comparison to those plugins at $19/month.

Leadpages WordPress Plugin

Leadpages WordPress Plugin

PluginOps Landing Page Builder

PluginOps Landing Page Builder

Unbounce WordPress Landing Page Builder

Unbounce WordPress Landing Page Builder

Unbounce, like Leadpages, is a hosted landing page solution with a WordPress plugin that allows for fairly simple integration.

The main selling point of Unbounce comes in the form of two AI / big data driven features - Smart Builder and Smart Traffic.

Smart Builder aims to help you build higher converting landing pages, offering suggestions for titles and copy based on what their data shows may convert.

Smart Traffic on the other hand attempts to send traffic to the best converting page variant depending on which ad / copy brought the user to the site.

All of this comes with a price to match however, with Unbounce starting at $80/month for their most basic plan, and increasing to $300/month for the highest plan.