Daily Backup for WordPress

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good plugin that will help automate my website a bit. I need to make sure that my website is backed up each day, whether morning or night. I'm sure there's some sort of plugin for this but I'm not really sure what I should do about it. 

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I use Updraft, and it works well for me - they handle backing up the site's folders plus database. You can store the backup locally, or have updraft store it in the cloud - a number of services are supported including Amazon S3, OneDrive, etc. They also have their own cloud storage, though you have to pay for that.

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Simple automated backups of your WordPress-powered website.

This is what I use on my sites. I've also used Backup Buddy as well. All you need to do for daily backups is to make sure the data from the database is saved. You can fix files but without the data your site would be gone, so be sure to backup your actual data.