Is there a leading Django forum package?

I've just made a new site and I wanted to know what's the go to package for forums using Django.

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Pinax Project

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Pinax is an open source ecosystem of reusable Django apps, themes and starter projects templates

Pinax forums is an extensible forums app for Django and Pinax. It is focused on core forum functionality and hence is expected to be combined with other Pinax apps for broader features. This means it has improved compatibility with other Pinax apps so if you use these then it'll be the best forum package available.



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New and exciting Django based forum software.

Spirits features are plentiful, some examples are:

Receive an automatic notification every-time someone mentions your @name, quotes you or answers to your conversation.

Create your own private conversations and invite as many users as you want to it.

Spirit automatically registers which was the last comment you read on a conversation.

Spirit automatically saves your unfinished comments so you can complete them later.

Spirit is mobile-first, it's meant to work in the same way in any given device.