What is the best sitemap generator for Joomla?

Obviously I want this automated when I add new content - I don't want to have to remember to generate a sitemap every time I add a page.

I see JSitemap, and Sitemap Generator plus a few others that look like they might do the job.

What's the best and easiest solution here?

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I haven't actually used Aimy Sitemap generator, but it looks decent. They have a free and a paid version, the free version doesn't support HTTPS or PosgreSQL, which may be worth bearing in mind.


JSitemap Professional - Joomla Sitemap Generator

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JSitemap offers an innovative and revolutionary way to manage all types of sitemap contents without need of additional plugins! It supports images sitemap and google news sitemap also splitting of sitemap.

JSitemap Professional is a paid download (at 49.00 EUR currently), but it's simple to install and use. They also have a very responsive support team.


Joomla Sitemap Generator is free for up to 500 URLs, after that you need to buy a license for Sitemap Generator Professional. To be honest, for most people, the 500 URL limit is probably fine!