What's the best AI import for Python

I've just started an AI project and I want some nice plugins to make it easier, any suggestions?

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An open-source software library for Machine Intelligence

One of the newest neural network libraries, TensorFlow is a high-level library that allows for easy network architectures while avoiding the hard to program low-level details.

Written in C++ with a python binding allows for high performance and it also allows for GPU usage on any device from a server to mobile.

Developed for Google so you know it has limitless uses.


Theano is a ML library that allows the user to evaluate, define and optimize your mathematical expressions. You can use multi-dimensional arrays which can be annoying however Theano makes it easy to use and the results are very in-depth. Theano also has brilliant tutorials and great documentation.


Scikit-learn is a multi-language library for ML and for good reason. It has good ties with data mining, data analysis and this is why its a favourite with researchers and developers alike. Built on top of matplotlib, NumPy, and SciPy so it's got a good base for many ML implementations.