What's the best books for learning C

I know C is the father of all programming languages so I'd like to learn it. Are there any good books to start me off??

Suggest a resource

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A Book on C: Programming in C (4th Edition)

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Now in its fourth edition, A Book on C retains the features that have made it a proven, best-selling tutorial and reference on the ANSI C programming language. This edition builds on the many existing strengths of the text to improve, update, and extend the coverage of C, and now includes information on transitioning to Java and C++ from C.Beginners and professional programmers alike will benefit from the numerous examples and extensive exercises developed to guide readers through each concept. Step-by-step dissections of program code illuminate the correct usage and syntax of C language constructs and reveal the underlying logic of their application. The clarity of exposition and format of the book make it an excellent reference on all aspects of C.Highlights of A Book on C, Fourth Edition: New and updated programming examples and dissections-the authors' trademark technique for illustrating and teaching language concepts.Recursion is emphasized with revised coverage in both the text and exercises.Multifile programming is given greater attention, as are the issues of correctness and type safety. Function prototypes are now used throughout the text.Abstract Data Types, the key concept necessary to understanding objects, are carefully covered.Updated material on transitioning to C++, including coverage of the important concepts of object-oriented programming.New coverage is provided on transitioning from C to Java.References to key programming functions and C features are provided in convenient tables.

I am a student at York Universtiy and for first year had to learn c, having only used Python before, this book is fantastic! Each chapter contains references to all the other sections explaining related parts of example programs, so you can just jump in anywhere.

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Programming in C (4th Edition) (Developer's Library)

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Programming in C will teach you how to write programs in the C programming language. Whether you’re a novice or experienced programmer, this book will provide you with a clear understanding of this language, which is the foundation for many object-oriented programming languages such as C++, Objective-C, C#, and Java.


This book teaches C by example, with complete C programs used to illustrate each new concept along the way. Stephen Kochan provides step-by-step explanations for all C functions. You will learn both the language fundamentals and good programming practices. Exercises at the end of each chapter make the book ideally suited for classroom use or for self-instruction.


All the features of the C language are covered in this book, including the latest additions added with the C11 standard. Appendixes provide a detailed summary of the language and the standard C library, both organized for quick reference.


“Absolutely the best book for anyone starting out programming in C. This is an excellent introductory text with frequent examples and good text.…This is the book I used to learn C–it’s a great book.”

Vinit S. Carpenter, Learn C/C++ Today





Awesome book for my uni degree, brilliant and detailed content!

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C Programming Language, 2nd Edition

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The authors present the complete guide to ANSI standard C language programming. Written by the developers of C, this new version helps readers keep up with the finalized ANSI standard for C while showing how to take advantage of C's rich set of operators, economy of expression, improved control flow, and data structures. The 2/E has been completely rewritten with additional examples and problem sets to clarify the implementation of difficult language constructs. For years, C programmers have let K&R guide them to building well-structured and efficient programs. Now this same help is available to those working with ANSI compilers. Includes detailed coverage of the C language plus the official C language reference manual for at-a-glance help with syntax notation, declarations, ANSI changes, scope rules, and the list goes on and on.

In 260 pages the authors explain exactly how C can be used to write powerful but efficient programs in a language in which it is possible to do literally anything.

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C Programming: A Modern Approach, 2nd Edition

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The first edition of C Programming: A Modern Approach was popular with students and faculty alike because of its clarity and comprehensiveness as well as its trademark Q&A sections.

Professor King's spiral approach made it accessible to a broad range of readers, from beginners to more advanced students. With adoptions at over 225 colleges, the first edition was one of the leading C textbooks of the last ten years. The second edition maintains all the book's popular features and brings it up to date with coverage of the C99 standard. The new edition also adds a significant number of exercises and longer programming projects, and includes extensive revisions and updates.

This book is the clearest and most enjoyable programming book. Being a computational mathematician I wish my uni gave this as required reading instead of the lectures.