Whats the best book for learning computer science?

I've just started a Udemy course for computer science but are there any books to learn it any quicker? Thanks in advance!

Suggest a resource

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Computer Science Distilled: Learn the Art of Solving Computational Problems

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A walkthrough of computer science concepts you must know. Designed for readers who don't care for academic formalities, it's a fast and easy computer science guide. It teaches the foundations you need to program computers effectively. After a simple introduction to discrete math, it presents common algorithms and data structures. It also outlines the principles that make computers and programming languages work.

As a software engineer with a degree in CS, I think this book is an excellent resource for a college overview of CS, and the sources/references at the end of each chapter for further reading show those who want to spider off for more information.

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Introduction to Computer Science: A Textbook for Beginners in Informatics

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This textbook is addressed to students of computer science in their first terms, and covers the content of a general introductory lecture in computer science held at a German University. The basic stuff for most special courses - circuit technology, programming, operating system, networking, security, and more - is presented along with some further background information not necessarily covered by other lectures, but helping to understand relationships and reasons why certain techniques are done in just that way. The learning process is supported by numerous exercises.
3rd revision with minor changes and clarifications. A forum is now available on http://www.gilbertbrands.de/smf/ . Though the primary language of this site is German, feel free to post your comments in English. Dieses Lehrbuch wendet sich an Studenten der Informatik im ersten Semester und deckt den Inhalt einer allgemeinen Einführungsveranstaltung in die Informatik ab. Die grundlegenden Dinge für die meisten spezielle Kurse - Schaltungstechnik, Programmierung, Betriebssysteme, Netzwerke, Sicherheit und vieles mehr - werden zusammen mit einigen weiteren Hintergrundinformationen verständlich dargestellt. Der Lernprozess wird durch zahlreiche Übungen unterstützt. Obwohl in Englisch geschrieben, wendet sich das Buch ausdrücklich an deutsche Studenten, die damit auch auf die Internationalisierung insbesondere im Informatikbereich eingeführt werden sollen. 3. Auflage mit kleinen Änderungen. Ein Forum ist unter http://www.gilbertbrands.de/smf/ für Fragen, Kommentare und Anregungen verfügbar.

I bought this for my friend for his course and he said its the new bible for him.