Whats the best Django CMS package

I want to know what's the best CMS package on Django out there, and why it's the best. What features makes this or that CMS a good one?

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Mezzanine - The Best Django CMS

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Mezzanine is a powerful, consistent, and flexible content management platform. Built using the Django framework, Mezzanine provides a simple yet highly extensible architecture that encourages diving in and hacking on the code. Mezzanine is BSD license and supported by a diverse and active community.

Very much like WordPress, Mezzanine has lots of different themes, superb support and seamless integration with other third-party Django apps.

Mezzanine also has some cool features like; multi-language and multi-tenant capabilities.


django CMS

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django CMS is a user-friendly system with a powerful and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. It's designed around the needs of multi-lingual publishing, and has built-in tools for SEO.

Easy to extend: Documents are organised in a tree. You can either create new content are type, new tree nodes, integrate complete existing Django app in the tree, etc. It's normally very easy to use. 

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Django Content Management System | Wagtail CMS

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Meet Wagtail, an open-source Django content management system built by Torchbox. It's free, beautiful, versatile and fast.

It doesn't try and take over your project: Just like a Django app should, it fits "right in" to whatever you project/structure/settings etc. are and is the least opinionated of all of them.

Admin interface: Simple (yet powerful) and good looking Administration interface. Lets you preview, manage your images etc.

StreamField: This is a new feature and might be the best compromise between pure content (WYSIWYG etc.) and data driven (think pure Django models) applications/websites.

Pace of development: Wagtail is one of the more actively changing CMS packages, within a few years it's gone from a beta to a full release that's at the top of the pack.