Which Django authorization package is the best

What's the best social media authentication library, emails and the usual username/password methods are too 'finicky', we want a quick and easy package to allow users to use their social media accounts as logins.

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django-social-auth - Django social authentication made simple

This application provides user registration and login using social site credentials. Some features are:


User authentication in Django | Django documentation | Django

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Django comes with a user authentication system. It handles user accounts, groups, permissions and cookie-based user sessions. This section of the documentation explains how the default implementation works out of the box, as well as how to extend and customise it to suit your project’s needs.

The auth system consists of:

  • Users
  • Permissions: Binary (yes/no) flags designating whether a user may perform a certain task.
  • Groups: A generic way of applying labels and permissions to more than one user.
  • A configurable password hashing system
  • Forms and view tools for logging in users, or restricting content
  • A pluggable backend system

The authentication system in Django aims to be very generic and doesn’t provide some features commonly found in web authentication systems. Solutions for some of these common problems have been implemented in third-party packages:

  • Password strength checking
  • Throttling of login attempts
  • Authentication against third-parties (OAuth, for example)