Elementor Review by Website Planet 

Does It Live Up to the Hype?


The review from Website Planet comes across very much like a sales page to me complete with effusive prose, and plenty of calls to action. It seems to me that it's there primary to drive people to try out Elementor via them, rather than giving the reader a critical appraisal of what Elementor is actually like.

The review covers basic use - it spends more time going over how to use Elementor, but doesn't once mention other page builders, so can't give you an indication as to why you might want to choose this one over say, Visual Composer, or Beaver Builder.

In fact the author states at the beginning that she does not use other page builders: 

I’ll admit – when my editor asked me to write this Elementor review, I wasn’t too happy about it. I’d tried plenty of free WordPress builders in the past, and never managed to stick with any of them for very long. As a web designer, I always felt they were actually limiting me.

Now admittedly this is a review, and not a comparison, but even so I'd say that somebody who uses page builders on a regular basis would be better placed to write a critical assessment of a particular builder plugin.