About Ressed.io

Stack Overflow is a fantastic site, and has changed the way we work as developers. I use it religiously.

However some of the questions that I'd like answered are not supported by Stack Overflow, and they will get closed aggressively

Now strict adherance to principles is quite possibly one of the most important factors of the growth of Stack Overflow, but I'd still like my questions answered.

As an example, let's say you're looking for an advanced level JavaScript book, you can't ask peoples' opinions on SO because the question does not have a definitive answer.

Enter Ressed.io. ;) It will allow you to ask these questions, and get a community consensus for the best resources.

I recently discovered Ecosia and I thought it was a wonderful idea, and something that's close to my heart, and so I decided to adopt their model for Ressed.io

While the site is getting established, we will donate 40% of revenue to planting trees in parts of the world that most need it

When (if) the site gets established and has explicit costs, etc., we will change that to 80% of profit.

If conservation, and trying to make a difference in this world matters to you, please join our community!

If it's not so important to you, and you're a developer, then obviously you can just use the site as a resource as normal. :)