About Reseed

Business and sustainability are integrated

Reseed germinated from one idea.
The world needs to change.
But the corporate world won’t change by itself, and we can’t achieve everything through activism alone.
We need to change how companies think. Show them that it's possible to build businesses that flourish and are kind to the environment.
Lofty goals. But public perception is changing. Reseed is helping to lead the way by growing our business around an Earth-first model.
Sustainability is our reason for being. And web developers are our reason for doing.

A trustworthy source for product information

How much time do you spend deliberating over a purchase?
There are countless websites out there offering product reviews or comparisons, but these are often unreliable and only exist to drive traffic to the product itself.
Reseed aims to aggregate product information from around the web, and be able to present to you the more reliable content via feedback from our community.

Business and sustainability

So how do we aim to both make a successful business that nourishes the environment?
Reseed aims to make money via affiliate programs. When a user buys something through a participating link on our site, we’ll take a small commission.
We'll put a nice chunk of our earnings into tree planting projects around the world.

But you can't stop climate change with trees alone

Just planting trees won’t stop climate change.
Our mission is to shed light on a possible solution and inspire other forward-thinking entrepreneurs to rise up and join us.
People should be able to choose businesses based on whether or not they are sustainable. Companies who stand up for the environment give them that choice.
Let’s show the corporate world how it’s done.