About Reseed

Sustainability and Business do not have to be separate concepts

Reseed was born of the idea that the world needs change, but the corporate world is not going to change by itself, or if it is, it will happen very slowly.

Activism alone cannot achieve what's needed.

What we need is to change how businesses think - show them that it's not only possible to build businesses that are kind to the environment, that those businesses are able to flourish.

Lofty goals indeed, I'm by no means the first in thinking of this, and I also don't believe Reseed can effect this change by itself. However, I do see change in public perception changing, and if we can be a small part of this, I think that would be a success.

This is our reason for being, we grow the business with this in mind first.

A trustworthy source for product information

Moving aside from the pressing needs of our world for a moment, into the pressing needs of our day to day life.

How much time do you spend deliberating over something new to buy?

There are countless websites out there offering product reviews or comparisons, but often these are not reliable - only there to drive traffic to the product itself.

Reseed aims to aggregate product information from around the web, and be able to present to you the more reliable content via feedback from our community.

Marrying the two concepts

So how do we aim to both make a successful business and also one that's beneficial to the environment?

I discovered Ecosia a while ago, and thought that this model could work for other businesses too.

Ecosia's only reason for being is to plant trees, the only justification for people to use it over Google or Bing is if they want to do their bit to help.

But they're doing well, and growing month by month.

Reseed aims to make money via affiliate programs - when a user buys something through a link on our site, we will (if there is a legitimate affiliate program for that product) take a small commission.

Of the money we collect, we'll put a significant portion into tree planting projects around the world.

But you can't stop climate change with trees alone.

This is true - planting trees alone is not going to be enough to stop climate change.

We're aware of this, but Reseed has no intention to reverse climate change by itself. This would be an impossible goal.

All we can do is to bring awareness to a possible solution, in the hope that other forward thinking entrepreneurs will join the fray.

If enough businesses join in, people will be able to choose to use the services of businesses based on whether or not they are sustainable.

At that point I believe there will be real change in the corporate world.