How To Help

So you believe in the goals of Reseed, and you want to help make the site a success?

The first and most important way you can help out, you already are - with your presence. :)

Currently, while the site is in a gestational period, the possibilities for user interaction are fairly limited. This is intended as a temporary state while I monitor how people act. I fully intend to allow users to suggest sites, suggest products, review products, write comparisons etc., but for the time being all a normal user is able to do is to vote for products or resources.

Voting for Resources

And so that is one action that you can take that would be very beneficial - voting for products that you use and like will be useful information for the users who follow you. Also voting for resources such as reviews, comparisons or courses.

By voting, I am talking about the bit to the left where you can vote a resource up or down. 

It is important to say however, that we need the information on the site to be trustworthy - that is our primary concern at the moment, when voting for reviews for example, we want you to be voting up reviews that offer a balanced opinion of a product, not just because it recommends a product you like.

Spreading The Word

As with any site, the more people that hear about it, the better. So any help with getting the word out would be very much appreciated. This means sharing on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. would be really helpful. If you own a website, telling your users about us is one of the most helpful things you can do.

Thank You

Whatever you decide to do, thank you! We appreciate every little bit of help, no matter how small. :)