How To Help

Do you want to help make Reseed a success and plant some trees?

You’re here, so that’s a start. :)
Until we populate the site with content, user interaction is limited. But in the future, users will have the power to suggest sites and products, even write reviews and comparisons.
For now, you can vote for products or resources.

Voting for Resources

Our community of developers love to share their expert opinions and talk about their favorite products. 
So voting for products you like will help your followers. You can also vote for resources like reviews, comparisons, and courses.
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Our first concern is to be unbiased and trustworthy. Voting up reviews that offer a balanced opinion of a product is more helpful than voting it up because it recommends a product you like.

Spread the word

The tree doesn’t branch without you and all your friends. And their friends. 
If you know people who like to build websites, invite them to explore the Reseed community. Share our posts on social media. Link to your favorite Reseed content from your website.

Thanks for showing you care

We appreciate every vote, every comment, every opinion, and every share. This wouldn’t be a community of helpers without you.
Thanks from all of us at Reseed. :)