Wordpress for Beginners Course - Master Wordpress Quickly

Build a beautiful responsive Wordpress site that looks great on all devices.


Updated on: 19th Jan 2021
Reseed Consensus: A good course for those who know nothing about WordPress. It covers the basics in enough detail to get you up and running, but not much more than that.

WordPress for Beginners Course - Master WordPress Quickly hosted at Udemy is very much a beginners course. It contains 8 hours of video content, and is regularly kept up to date. Starting from scratch (installing a local version of WordPress for testing and development), it goes on to talk about how to use the editor, installing plugings & themes, WordPress security. Security is a particularly important topic - getting your site hacked is no fun, and there are a lot of bots out there looking for insecure WordPress & plugin installs. It also covers how to create specific page types, site structure, and specific types of site (blogs, corporate, etc.).

The course style is not follow along, so those who prefer that style of learning are probably better off looking elsewhere, but if you just want to cram the knowledge and then go off and build / explore yourself, it could work for you.