Joomla Page Builders



Quix Joomla Page Builder

Quix Joomla Page Builder, built by ThemeXpert has been around since 2016, and offers a fron end visual layout builder amongst all of the other standard stuff like responsive optimisation, SEO features, 30 elements, 100 pre built blocks, etc. Their strong point is the integration with third party template libraries such as JShop, Gantry, K2 and many more.


Azura Joomla Page Builder

Azura Page Builder by CTHThemes is a Back End Joomla Page Builder extension. They offer some 45 elements, the ability to create reusable sections, amongst the other standards like responsive features, and Search Engine Optimisation.


SP Page Builder

SP Page Builder by JoomlaSharper has been around since 2015, and is in use by some 200,000 web sites. They offer a front end visual editor, so you are able to edit your site in place, plus all the usual things such as responsive features, SEO features, and around 50 elements.


JSN PageBuilder

JSN PageBuilder by JoomlaShine is one of the more popular page builders for Joomla. It's been around since 2015, and offers the standard visual drag and drop editor all page builders do, along with some 30 elements, responsive features, Search Engine Optimisation features, and a revision history.


Gridbox Joomla Website Builder

Gridbox is a Front End Joomla Page Builder extension built by Balbooa Extensions. They offer around 60 elements (called Plugins by the extension), and a template framework that allows editing other areas of content such as header, footer etc.