SP Page Builder

#1 Drag and Drop Joomla Page Builder Extension

Updated on: 22nd Oct 2020
SP Joomla Page Builder from JoomlaSharper has been around since 2015, and offers a front end visual editor.

The front end editor allows you to edit your page in place, rather than via a back end admin interface. This gives you a little more immediate and accurate feedback - no need to make changes, then refresh the page you're editing, or view a preview for example, you can see how it's going to look as you make changes.

The SP Page Builder comes with some 90 pre-built sections, so if you have a fairly standard layout in mind, you should be able to find something appropriate there, and get it implemented pretty quickly. You're also able to build your own library of sections if you have components that you use across multiple pages or sites.

SP Page Builder is available in three different licenses - Individual which is licensed for 1 web site, Agency which is licensed for unlimited sites, and then Developer with is licensed for unlimited sites, and also comes with all other templates and extensions build by JoomlaSharper.

They also offer a cut down free version - SP Page Builder Lite available on the Joomla Extensions Directory, or their web site.

What sets SP Page Builder apart