Slider Revolution

More than just a WordPress Slider

Updated on: 21st Oct 2021
Slider Revolution is a WordPress plugin that lets you design unique sliders, carousels, and even entire web pages without using any code. It offers a visual editor that allows you to customize all the aspects of your sliders. If you are new to web design, you can use this plugin to give your website professional visuals. Professional web designers can increase their productivity with its intuitive interface. 

ThemePunch developed Slider Revolution in 2012, and since then over seven million users have purchased it. It has received impressively positive reviews; the over 10,000 CodeCanyon reviews average out to 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

What sets Slider Revolution apart




    Soliloquy is another WordPress slider plugin. Like Slider Revolution, Soliloquy offers dynamic content and mobile responsiveness. It also boasts a much faster page load time than any other slider plugin.

    However, it does not include all-in-one packaging; each of its pricing options includes add-ons and extra features. For example, the creation of carousels is not available until you purchase the third-tier Developer model at $99/year.

    Furthermore, the Soliloquy editor is not as advanced as Slider Revolution’s visual editor. Overall, Soliloquy has fewer features than Slider Revolution does. While this makes it easier to use, it also limits the potential of the sliders you can create.

    Smart Slider

    Smart Slider

    Unlike Slider Revolution, Smart Slider does offer a free version. The free option provides you with basic features, two types of sliders, six customizable layers, and 14 templates.

    The pro versions of this plugin include animations/effects, four types of sliders, 26 layers, and over 100 slider templates. Similar to Slider Revolution, it allows you to incorporate a wide range of content into your sliders. It also uses a drag-and-drop visual editor.

    Smart Slider focuses more on efficiency than Slider Revolution does; it has hundreds of pre-made slider templates that you can use if you don’t want to build all your sliders from the ground up.



    MetaSlider is another slider plugin for WordPress that offers a free option that comes with all the necessary functions to create four types of image sliders.

    This free version is the most popular slider plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory, and it has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The pro editions all offer animated layer slides, video slides, post feed slides, a theme editor, and thumbnail navigation.

    Like Slider Revolution, MetaSlider has a visual drag-and-drop editor and is mobile responsive. The pro versions also support a variety of content. You can showcase your products, WordPress posts, and YouTube videos using either slider plugin. MetaSlider, however, is much more lightweight than Slider Revolution. This makes it easier to learn, but it also reduces the amount of control you have over your sliders.

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    Slider Revolution features a visual editor with multiple layers and drag-and-drop functionality. It also comes with over 200 fully customizable templates, so you can personalize your sliders, web pages, and hero sections to suit the needs of your website. The package includes a library of more than 2,000 royalty-free visual elements, such as videos and background images.

    Purchasing Slider Revolution gives you access to more than 25 add-ons that you can use to create visuals. The add-ons can accomplish unique goals, some of which include:

    • Visualizing data in the form of graphs and charts
    • Transitioning smoothly between images
    • Revealing different elements based on mouse interaction
    • Adding eye-catching animations and visual effects

    The plugin offers dynamic content, too, so you can add WordPress posts or other social media content to your sliders. You can showcase your products, display your social media feeds, or feature specific blog posts.


    Slider Revolution has three pricing models:

    • Starter- $79 one-time or $29 yearly
    • Enthusiast- $209 one-time or $79 yearly
    • Professional- $349 to $5439 one-time or $129 to $1999 yearly

    You can buy any of these models by either making a one-time payment or yearly payments. All of the features are included in all of the packages. With the Starter model, you can use the plugin on one website. The Enthusiast package lets you use it on three sites, and choosing the Professional option lets you create sliders on anywhere from five to over 100 websites, depending on your needs.


    Slider Revolution is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build and customize sliders, carousels, and web pages. It’s a unique plugin because it features in-depth options that give you complete control over every aspect of your designs.

    Some online reviews claim that, because Slider Revolution is an all-in-one package with so many features, the options can become overwhelming, bloating the interface. There is also a bit of a learning curve for getting used to all of the features. The plugin does not offer a free or lite version for potential users to try the product before making a purchase. Despite these drawbacks, the positive CodeCanyon reviews suggest that the majority of users are pleased with their purchases.