WordPress Plugins


WordPress Page Builders

The default WordPress editor is great for article an content pages, and while it's capability is getting incrementally more with each release, Gutenberg can be a little cumbersome for creating more visually oriented pages.

WordPress page builders aim to address this, giving the user the flexibility to create pages of any structure or design with relative ease.

They will also usually come with plenty of user interface elements and page templates to allow you to fairly rapidly put something reasonable looking together.

WordPress Slider Plugins

Sliders, love them or hate them, are at least very widely used.

On the one hand they can give your home page a nice bit of visual flair, offering a nice looking showcase of some of your most important or recent articles.

On the other hand, they can add to bloat, and their value from a user experience perspective is not necessarily clear.

Used in the right circumstances we believe sliders can be beneficial, but care should be taken with their implementation.

WordPress Security Plugins

With such a high installed base, and the vast number of plugins and themes available with access to the database or server file system, the potential for security issues is great.

Security plugins aim to block malicious users before they have a chance to cause any damage, adding protection against brute force attacks, locking down admin accounts, vulnerability and malware scanning, amongst other things.

A decent security setup is essential for any site on the internet these days as the cost for not taking this seriously is so great.

WordPress Menu Plugins

Can your menu do that? Website menus have experienced a Renaissance in recent years as developers and UX designers demand they do more than just sit there like lumps on a log.

They wanted menus that would work as hard as they do, and now a slew of WordPress menu plugins has proliferated on the web, making these features available to folks like you and me.

Now you can build out striking menus that feature your content, contain images, links, icons and even widgets. And you can customize them with your brand colors and fonts to match your website design seamlessly.

WordPress Appointment Plugins

A seamless, easy to use, appointment creation process is a necessity for a number of different kinds of businesses or websites. WordPress appointment and booking plugins make it easy to integrate this functionality on any WP-powered site. Appointment plugins work by presenting highly-usable scheduling forms on the front end while also providing an easy way for website admins to manage bookings from the back end (WP dashboard). Other features often offered by these plugins are email / SMS notifications, payment processing, and third party integrations.