Beaver Builder Reviews

Beaver Builder, as with a lot of these page builders offers an affiliate program that can be quite compelling to site owners. As such the reviews for the plugin suffer the same problem as a lot of the others - often their only justification is to drive traffic - they are there for the sales, and not there to offer the user an informed opinion of the product.

However Beaver Builder is a decent page builder, even filtering out all of the less than helpful reviews, it reviews well.

Beaver Builder Review by Design Bombs

A decent review by Colin Newcomer of DesignBombs - they go over how to use the builder in a fair bit of detail, talk a bit about the themer, addon ecosystem (which is vibrant), and pricing. Their conclusion actually talks about why you might want to use Beaver Builder over some of the other plugins (stability), or in fact why you might want to choose one of the other builder.


Beaver Builder Review by isitwp

A pretty poor review Beaver Builder by isitwp, it reads like little more than a sales page to me. We have zero critical assessment of Beaver Builder, the "review" consists of a brief overview of page builders in general, a description of how to use the basics, a description of the pricing structure followed by a recommendation to buy. There is nothing to recommend about this review.