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All In One WordPress Security and Firewall Plugin

Updated on: 5th Oct 2021
All in One WP Security and Firewall is a free WordPress security plugin. The plugin provides basic preset settings for website security in “Basic,” “Intermediate,” and “Advanced” tiers. Users can set separate tiers for different facets of their website, allowing for an easily customizable experience for users looking for heavier protection in specific areas.

It is possible to protect a site from a variety of attacks, including brute force attacks and malicious query strings, with the plugin providing security measures like automatic IP lockouts and Captcha integration.

All in One is regularly updated with various bug fixes, and the plugin’s developer is active in the WordPress support forums for All in One.

What sets All In One WordPress Security apart

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    Free to use

    All in One WP Security is one of a small number of security-related WordPress plugins that are completely free to use. The plugin does not feature any premium plans or fees and provides all the services All in One has to offer completely free through

    As such, with All In One, you're not getting a plugin that has the more important features turned off. On the other hand, this means that the developers aren't getting funded directly for the development, so it may not be as polished and fully featured as some of the other offerings.


iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes Security Pro offers a full suite of options for users to protect their WordPress sites from all varieties of attacks.

The plugin provides several security-themed integrations with services like Google Authenticator and Authy and allows its users to enable two-factor authentication for their website.

iThemes prominently features its “Brute Force Protections Network” offering support from a large community of websites tracking malicious entities looking to attack user websites. Users can protect their site by enabling verified trusted devices and offering features to protect and limit the use of the user’s password.

iTheme’s premium plans start at a rate of $80 per year for one site.

Sucuri Wordpress Security & Scanner

Sucuri Wordpress Security & Scanner

Sucuri WordPress Security looks to provide a similar all-in-one plugin for users looking to enhance the security of their WordPress site.

The plugin offers many features including a full MalWare scanner and tools to check the integrity of users’ core files. Sucuri also comes with a wide array of tools for users who have already had their websites compromised.

The plugin’s website details a step-by-step plan for using Sucuri to clean up infected sites and regularly scans a user’s website for malware and other malicious entities.

Sucuri offers plans, including just the firewall and CDN plans starting at $9.99 per month. Their full package, which comes with scans and cleanup, starts at $199.99 per year.



MalCare’s main marketing point comes through the site’s touted Malware scanner. The plugin claims to feature “Instant WordPress Malware Removal” and touts that the site can clean up compromised WordPress sites in less than 60 seconds.

Malware scanning is not a feature offered by All In One WP Security, instead they rely on hardening your site, whereas with MalCare, the selling point is the malware scanning and removal functionality.

MalCare’s scanner does not feature significant load on a user’s server and should not slow down the user’s website.

The plugin features daily automatic checks and can completely scan its user’s websites, including their files and the database.

Higher-priced plans also include WordPress backups, allowing users to create periodic backup versions if they need to restore their site to a previous build. MalCare’s premium options start at $99 per year for one site and offers several different add-ons separate from the base plans.



Wordfence focuses on providing its users with an enhanced level of security for their site, focusing on its endpoint firewall.

Wordfence’s firewall differs from that of other plugins in that it runs from a server’s endpoint, featuring deep integration with WordPress to protect a user’s site. Along with a full security scanner that can check files, themes, and plugins, the plugin also has a regularly updated “Threat Defense Feed”.

Wordfence’s “Threat Defense Feed” features a team of security experts that constantly updates the plugin’s built-in IP blocklist and updates the firewall’s custom ruleset to protect users from newly developing attacks.

This kind of constantly updated feed of malware signatures & IP blocklist is not something you'll get with All In One WP Security for the simple fact that All In One is a free plugin, so they wouldn't have the resources to support something like that.

Wordfence sells its premium plans through licenses charging $99 per year for one license, offering discounts for signing up for multiple licenses or multiple years.

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All in One WP Security provides its users with a laundry list of features standard to many of the industry’s most popular plugins. The plugin’s user-focused security options allow its users to monitor their own security with a password strength tool and forcing logouts for users after a configurable time period. All in One’s users can see a complete list of all online users and add Google ReCaptcha to various aspects of their site, including user logins and Forgot Password pages.

All in One’s built-in firewall and automatic security systems can detect various suspicious activities within a user’s WP site. All in One can implement several custom rules to protect against malicious actions like Cross-Site Scripting and block access to a user’s site resources. All in One will automatically log a variety of information about a user’s site allowing them to track pertinent data to a site’s security, like 404 events and login/logout information of all users.

All in One also features the ability to block off some essential functions of a website. For example, the plugin allows disabling the ability to hotlink images from an All in One user’s website. Users can also block text editor functions like right-clicking, text selection, and copying through All in One WP Security. All in One presents a complete list of the plugin’s extensive security features on its download page.


All in One WP Security seeks to provide its 900,000+ users with a full suite of protections for their WordPress sites without paying a premium fee like many of its contemporaries.

The plugin offers simple, streamlined options for users at any level of experience to start protecting their WordPress site with the push of a button.

All in One comes with a complete firewall and a wide array of features for users to protect all different areas of their site from front-end to login platforms.

The plugin is entirely free to download and features regular updates and committed support from its developer through the support forums.