WordPress Security for High Performance Websites

Updated on: 6th Oct 2021
MalCare is a WordPress malware cleanup and website protection plugin that offers many features to keep websites free of threats, both preventatively and subsequently secure. The plugin provides fast malware detection and user-friendly features.

Using an automatic one-click malware removal, you can clean websites and remove threats before the site is taken down for corruption by web hosts or search engines.

To date, MalCare has analyzed hundreds of thousands of websites over a 2.5-year duration.

Each plan (including the free plan) offers daily scans and unlimited malware removal. From the makers of BlogVault, MalCare was created to track every single change being made to the websites it protects.

What sets Malcare apart

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    Hybrid cloud based model

    Malcare differs from the other security plugins in that it offers a kind of hybrid cloud based model. The plugin is still running on your site (unlike something like Sucuri which is entirely cloud based), so traffic will get to the application. However they offload some of the more resource intensive parts of scanning and firewall operation to their own servers so as to not put unnecessary load on your servers.

Free plan limitations

The free version of the security plugin includes, but is limited to, regular scanning that detects and pinpoints threats and does it remotely. The free plan also includes Web Application Firewall protection every six hours, which safeguards websites against hackers, bots, and other threats. It does not include the additional features available in different package options, including scanning intervals, malware cleaning, and website management, with personalized customer support.

The paid version includes cleaning a hacked site, website hardening, website management, white-labeling, and creating regular backups.




Wordfence is a widely used WordPress security tool featuring functions like firewall and detection and removal of malware.

Another feature is Endpoint Firewall Protection which blocks IP addresses and maintains a database of IP addresses that have launched attacks worldwide. Moreover, this plugin replaces malware found with the original file and provides login protection.

This tool is available in both a free version and paid version priced according to how many licenses are purchased, with a steep discount the more licenses you use.

iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes Security Pro is a popular WordPress security plugin that works to protect websites from security issues. Unlike MalCare, iThemes Security pro does not include an in-built malware scanning tool, but can use the Sucuri online tool to perform this function.

Additionally, it offers login protection, website monitoring for security threats, 2-factor authentication, and security check feature preventatives.

Prices range from $80 to $199 per year, broadly in line with Malcare's $99 to $299, although with iThemes, the different plans add in additional sites (with the most expensive covering unlimited sites) - all of Malcare's licenses are for a single site, they just include additional features such as more frequent scanning, backups, integrated staging site, etc.

Sucuri Wordpress Security & Scanner

Sucuri Wordpress Security & Scanner

Sucuri is an entirely cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) that works for WordPress and other CMS platforms. The WordPress Security & Scanner plugin offers basic security, but integrates with the Sucuri WAF.

Malcare's firewall is a part of the plugin (rather than being cloud based) meaning that traffic will get to your server and be analysed there before being rejected or sent on to WordPress itself.

However Malcare does offload the more CPU intensive parts of it's operation to it's own servers so as to not consume too much in the way of resources for your site.

The Sucuri plugin is free to download with three premium paid plans for the Web Application Firewall available beginning at $199 per year.

All In One WordPress Security

All In One WordPress Security

All in One WP Security is a free WordPress security plugin with no paid plan. It utilizes a points system to indicate how well its security measures are operating.

It has a free edition from basic to intermediate and consists of a firewall, database backup, login security, and more. It utilizes charts and graphs to make understanding easier for users.

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MalCare markets itself as being a smart security plugin with intuitive features and laser-sharp discovery. The plugin prides itself in making its security operations as user-friendly as possible, with no technical knowledge required to use it.

MalCare can identify threats and data breaches in an exact locale and can remove them with one touch of a button. MalCare includes unlimited scans for all plans, a smart website firewall, login protection, website hardening, and complete website management. The developer built the algorithms and tools over three years of research and development to generate the security plugin. Yet you can easily manage all its features from a single dashboard.

Furthermore, MalCare provides immediate notification if a data breach has been made or malware has been detected. It is regularly checking the site and running scans for malicious activity from its own servers. In addition to the automated scans, ten manual syncs can be requested per day. Alerts are also sent out when malicious attempts to log in to the protected sites are made, or if the website goes offline for any reason, so it can be handled before impacting traffic. It offers the option to receive alerts automatically or manually. Additionally, MalCare logs all threats and malicious login attempts for review whenever convenient for the user.


MalCare has several different plan options to accommodate varying security needs. In addition to the free plan, the Personal program, priced at $99 for one year, offers protection for one website, and consists of unlimited automatic malware removal, automatic daily malware scans, and provides an intelligent website firewall. Moreover, it features login protection, website hardening, complete website management, and personalized support.

The next plan in line is the Small Business plan, priced at $259 per year. It offers all the features the Personal plan does, but for up to 5 total websites. After Small Business comes the Developers plan, which is $599 per year. In addition to the features of the Personal and Small Business plans, the Agency Plus plan covers 20 total websites and one additional team member. All MalCare plans offer 24/7 support, and they provide a 3x money-back guarantee in addition to the satisfaction guarantee. That means they will refund three times the money back if they cannot remove malware from the covered website. In addition, their 1-click instant malware removal is mentioned as the first WordPress plugin that will remove malware within 60 seconds with one click.


MalCare markets itself as providing simple and safe security for websites. It offers various plans that allow users and businesses to secure their sites as appropriate for them. The free version offers the main two protection components, while the four premium paid plans offer extended features. All programs are user-friendly and provide one-click malware removal.