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Elementor is a relative newcomer in the world of WordPress Page Builders, released in 2016. That hasn't prevented it from making it's mark however, it has very quickly grown to an install base of over 5,000,000. This is due in part to their payment plans - they offer free and paid versions, but also to a generous affiliate program that has ensured that plenty of outlets are keen to sing it's praises.

This second point means that it can sometimes be a little bit difficult to get an honest opinion about the product - a lot of the "reviews" out there are simply sales pages with no real critical assessment, their only purpose to help sell Elementor and claim their bounty.

That being said, there are good reviews out there, and Elementor is deserving of a lot of the praise thrown it's way.

Elementor works on a freemium model, where the basic plugin is available for free to use on as many sites as you like, but to get access to the premium widgets, you'll need to pay. There are three different paid licenses, they offer exactly the same features, they only differ in the number of sites across which you can use it.



Elementor Review by CatsWhoCode


This review is by CatsWhoCode, it's actually a reasonable review, offering legitimate criticisms of the product rather than an entirely glowing endorsement.


Elementor Review by Themeisle


This review from Themeisle spends most of the time explaining how to use Elementor, and finishes up with a recommendation to head over to Elementor's site and give it a try.


Elementor Review by Website Planet 


This review from Website Planet reads a bit more like a sales page than a critical review, along with a glowing endorsement and plenty of calls to action.

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Elementor vs Divi by CollectiveRay


This is a really good comparison between Divi and Elementor from CollectiveRay. The author clearly has been developing sites in WordPress for a long time, and has a lot of experience using both themes. Ultimately they conclude that the functionality offered by the two plugins is very similar, and the decision on whether to buy boils down to pricing - if you're an agency with a lot of sites, go for Divi, if you're just using it on one site or need a free builder, then Elementor is the way to go.

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Virtual WordPress Page Builder Summit Kicks Off October 5


The first virtual WordPress Page Builder summit kicks off on October the 5th, through to the 9th. Offering a platform to discuss the wide range of tools available for freelancers and agencies to build client sites.

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Create A WordPress Website 2020 | Elementor PRO Tutorial



How To Make a Wordpress Website -Elementor Page Builder


A course hosted by Udemy about how to build WordPress websites using the Elementor Page Builder


How To Make A Wordpress Website with Elementor Page Builder


A course that covers the basics of building a website using WordPress and Elementor. The videos are of a good quality, the instruction is clear, and the examples are easy to follow through.


Elementor Essentials - WPCrafter


A course by Adam Preiser of WPCrafter that aims to cover building a complete website with WordPress and Elementor.


Learn Elementor - WordPress Front-End Development Course


Another Udemy course covering Elementor in a good amount of detail. Coming in at 6.5 hours, the course spends most of the time detailing how to use Elementor with sections covering settings, the Elementor interface, page structure, how to use templates and the theme builder, before finishing off with a hands on section detailing how to build a complete site.

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Divi Theme


Frequently compared to Elementor, The Divi Builder is a little older but offers much of the same functionality. The Divi Builder is a page builder plugin that comes bundled with the Divi Theme - this is one of the two primary distinguishing factors: The Divi Builder comes with a theme, Elementor doesn't. The other distinguishing point between the two builders is that Divi's license is a little pricier, but a lifetime deal, whereas Elementor is a yearly subscription so you would likely end up spending far more on Elementor than Divi unless you just use Elementor's generous free plan.

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